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One Touch Cleaning Services is here for you! We understand what it means to entrust the keys of your business to someone else, and we work every day to earn that trust and make you proud of your sparkling clean workspace. An ongoing commercial cleaning schedule helps you to maintain a healthy workplace by removing germs and mold that can lead to sickness. Routine disinfection of high-touch areas like elevator buttons, handrails, light switches and door handles, as well as restroom and desktop touchpoints help reduce the risk from COVID-19, flu and other respiratory illnesses.

One Touch Cleaning Services cleans for health and wellness rather than only for appearance. We understand that cleaning is only part of the solution, and we provide essential services on a daily basis. We have a proven track record for providing excellent routine janitorial services as well as periodic deep-cleans, in order to help create a healthy, clean work environment for your employees and customers.